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Monday, June 30, 2014

Good News!!!!!!!!!!!

I sold my first item today! Man Oh man does this make me so happy~! I sold one of my camper pillows! Happy dance everyone! My sis  will be so happy for me!!  She sells her stuff on Etsy and ebay if you all want to go check her stuff out here and here. She used to blog but she is way to busy these days to blog.. :(

My plan on Sunday was to make more pigs and cats well------ that did not happen, I ended up going shopping at our local quilt shop because they were having a 25% off everything! I didn't buy  that much fabric because it is not cheap. But  what i did buy is fabulous I think..

 I also went by Walmart to pick up food and guess what they had two bookcases! So i bought them and spent the day putting them together and folding fabric and organizing it all!

So today i was going to make more cats and pigs but I didn't even get that far , had problems with my printer and decided since I sold a camper pillow I would make another one so that is what I did today!

Okay I am off got lots to do before hubby gets home!

Just keep going and don't give up!

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