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You've Just Been Slugged By The Craftin Bug..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where Have I been?

Where have I been? I have been doing nothing but crocheting for the last four days.. Since I am a beginner at this new found hobby it takes me a while to turn stuff out.. But it's so much fun an I know with practice i will get faster

. I have missed blogging I haven't blogged since i think last Thursday?  It's nice to get on here and just empty out some of my thoughts ;)

Here is what i have been working on- bowl filler pillows ...

 I Got them all listed on my ebay  what crazy work that all is.. But if people buy from me it will all be worth it.. :O)

Hope you like them.

Tomorrow i am taking a break from crafting ,I think i will do a coconut oil treatment to my hair, soak my feet  and paint my nails OH I am  just going to  pamper myself i guess for the day.. That sounds so nice..

Get up and have a pamper day for yourself!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fall / Halloween Potholders

 I finished all my potholders / hot pads! I think i did a pretty good job on them! I'm going to make more of the  candy corn hot pads to see if i can get the candy corns to be just a little sweeter! :O)

Hope people on etsy and ebay like them enough to buy them! I can hope right?..

Now for the rest of my day i think i will look through my Mollie Makes magazines for inspiration.. I think i earned it.. :O)

Tomorrow is my hubby's 49th b-day  Hailey and I  are going to go shopping tomorrow for his dessert and dinner goodies.. I hope to get in my Friday Faves too..

Here is a look at my potholders/hot pads..

Aren't they so much fun..  Not bad for a beginner huh,?  :O)  I'm open to constructive criticism... There is always room for improve..

I am so thankful for so many blessings, how about you?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Went as planned!

This  morning i had some time to myself to crochet, I was able to crochet two potholders. :O) YaY ME!  Youngest didn't get up till after 12:00 this afternoon then she grabbed lunch and watched Days Of Our Lives , so while she was doing that i worked on my crocheting. Then she went to a friends for a while and i was able to finish two of them! Today was great!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to make the Jack-O-Lantern potholders. To me crocheting is challenging, it's so much harder for me that sewing is.. But i am going to stick with it because i do love it so!

I hope your Wednesday went as good as mine did.. Talk to you all tomorrow!!!

make sure to brighten someones day..


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not as planned..

Okay so you know how i said yesterday that I was going to crochet today?. Well our oldest came over for a visit and stayed pretty much all day she just left and it is 6:30, so no time to get any crocheting in..  Loved having her pop in  :)  it was fun i just wanted to crochet, is that bad??..

Then my youngest is talking my ears off while i try and do this  blog  post ahhhhhhh! Is it time for school yet? ... heehee oh i love my kids and they are a such a joy but some days i just want to sit and not be bothered for one whole day and craft!!!!!!!!!!  Is that asking for to much??? ;)

 Maybe tomorrow i can get some crocheting in, oldest will be at work and youngest will sleep in till about noon so that gives me some time to have me time before i have to be mommy.. Oh and there is always tonight maybe after dinner if hubby isn't being to needy i can start on one.? 

It sounds like this post is all about me me me! I sound pathetic.. oh well to bad!!!!! :O)

Well guys life goes on and we moms do our best to  get everything done, some days we do and some days we just don't...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello and how is your Monday?

My Monday is moving along very nicely! Hope yours is too! I did go out this weekend like i mentioned on Friday to  pick up some yarn and fabric. Got my fabric just boring solid colors nothing you probably would want to see heehee! The yarn i bought was for Halloween potholders, I made two of them today. The first one was just to practice to see if I could crochet holding two strands of yarn at the same time.  I could so that made me happy i finished it off then moved on to crocheting the candy corn potholder.
 I really love how they both turned out but the candy corn one is so darn sweet ;) ! Heehee..

First is the one i practiced on.

Now to the sweet one:)

I hope I can make these sweet potholders good enough to sell on ebay! I think they would look so cute out for display during the month of  October..

Tomorrow i will work on the Jack-O-lantern potholder. Wish me loads of luck!

Do what you love and love what you do!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I have a few favorites for you today.

I have been sewing away for the last two days, i was trying to get stuff listed on ebay by the end of Thursday, because Thursday was the last day to list items for free.. That's why I haven't blogged in two days..;)
I made three camper pillows, i sure do love making them they are so fun to make!  I have two that i am going to work on this afternoon. But i think i may need  to run to the store and buy backing for one of them.

So here are my favorites for this week!~

First is one of my new camper pillows I think this one may be my new favorite out of the ones i have made so far! I just love the sweet window box with flowers,and the colors i chose for the pillow i think are so fun! The lighting isn't that great on my pillow we have had rain and clouds so no great lighting to capture the true colors.. I m hoping i can change the pics out on ebay before someone bids on it. Just need the sun to shine, but it doesn't look like today is going to be sunny today either..

I picked this  yogurt up at Walamrt  to give it a try, amongst others but this one is so good, it's limited edition tho :( !  But i am so happy i tried it.. Walmart has many new limited editions out right now but this one here is my fave! Oh the Lemon and Mango is pretty good too!

That wraps up my Friday Favorites!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be doing some shopping at Hancocks Fabrics and Joanns this weekend.. I need yarn and fabric oh and thread!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Feeling better.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling good so i spent the day laying around on the  couch oh how i HATE that! I did venture out to Walmart for a bit to get some Pepto , walked out of Walmart in the pouring rain and noticed my tire was flat!!! So I had to call for the insurance company to send someone over to fix it. Yes  I am lazy! Well 40 minutes later the service people showed up and my spare was put on.:) Ugh what a day yesterday was! And to think i wanted to spend the day sewing.. God had other plans for me though!

I am feeling better today not 100% back but i will get some sewing done.

I listed my stuff on ebay over the weekend. My sis has been telling me for weeks to do it and well I finally listened to her! :) I have one camper pillow being bid on yay! So far so good! it took a little over a month for me to sell one camper pillow on etsy so i would say we are off to a good start!

I better get off of here and do some sewing!

Hopefully tomorrow i will have stuff to show you all!

Be adventurous!


Friday, July 11, 2014

~Friday Favorites~

 Happy Friday to you!
I have been so busy with cleaning out my shed that I have not done much of any crafting! I finished it yesterday and got all the junk ready to take to the Goodwill...
Today i have to measure and take pictures and write up descriptions on all the items I have made to get them listed on Ebay.  My sis sells her cute items on ebay and does really well so i will give it a go....

I did make one more pig and she will be one of my Friday Favorites. So speaking of FF lets get to it.

 Here they are in no particular order..

First Favorite of the week as I mentioned above it will be my Sassy Pig that I made and will be selling on Ebay... She turned out so sassy heehee!

My second favorite is this Sunbeam travel Iron , I bought it last week from Target to press out  my fabrics and i have to say it works out perfectly. It's not to heavy or big or bulky to hold while i iron my  fabric!  It also heats up fast and gets HOT! I love it and it is so much more user friendly than my big full size iron.
 oh and it cost me $12.99

My last item to list but not last in favorites( i love them all the same :O))- is this awesome desk needle threader. Hancock Fabrics had them on sale for $9.00 and I thought why not give it a try, if it doesn't work I'll bring it back. I've seen them around and just thought they were a gimmick but they freaking work! Because of this threader my sewing life just got a little easier with this bad boy! LOVE IT!
So there you have my Friday Favorites! Hope you enjoyed them.

I better go I have to get my stuff ready to list on Ebay.

Always be true to yourself!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get going girl!

Good Tuesday morning to ya! Hope your morning has been a good one thus far!

I have been goofing off this morning not good since i have  a million things I want to do today!

Now I am ticked at myself because here it is after 11:00 in the morning an I have not started any project yet! UGH!  I have a pig in mind that i want to sew up so that will be the first thing I want to work on.. Then I will work on a few other cute things! So peeps lets see how much I can get done today.. :)

So I guess I'll post this blog and then go about doing the things I want to get accomplished today!

I put together this sweet pillow and think it will be so cute in some little babies room, don't ya think?.

 Oh how I love to make these birdies! I want to make one in every color! :O)
 So I better get to getting be good and have a blessed day!

Open your heart and mind to receive more!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Practicing my crocheting.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I did! All I did pretty much was crochet on Saturday and a little on Sunday..

Since I was taking a small  rest from sewing I decided to work on my crocheting. I still have a ways to go before i am good enough to make things to sell, but i am working towards that goal.. Besides I am having a fun time crocheting things for practice and filling my home with awesome things I have and will have crocheted.

Over the weekend I made a crochet sampler I call it. I got the pattern from  here.
 I have learned so much from making my crochet sampler, like - it's important that all your squares are the same size and when joining together make sure they are lined up right so your joined stitches come out even on both sides. If that make sense..

I still need practice but i am happy about my first big project i made..all I have made before this was little hearts and flowers, so to me this is big :O)

Hope to make another one and I will make sure all the squares are the same size that way they all line up right when stitched together.

It was good practice making it, now i know areas I can use improvement on..

Today I think i am going to sew something, how about you?

Lots of practice makes things pretty ;o)  Off to practice, practice I go!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Made a decision! :)

My last post I had talked about not knowing what to do about the craft show. Well after much thought and writing down the plus and minuses and thinking on it some more,  I have  made my decision..
I won't do the craft show this year but will do it next year.. I feel really good about this and will look forward to being better prepared for it next year! This time it won't be two months to get ready for it.. Two months is just not enough.. Okay enough about that..

I won't do a Friday Favorites tomorrow since it's the 4th and all.  I just have one favorite  this week.

This mascara  is the best Drug Store mascara ever!  I bought it two weeks ago and have been using it ever since!  It really brings out my tiny  eyes and lashes! Oh and right now at Target they are on sale for $5.99 with a dollar off coupon  attached to it.. Can't beat that!

Well I haven't made anything in two days, I felt I needed  a break to sort out my issues on all the craft show stuff.. I have to say for me taking a break from sewing has worked out so nice, because It opened my mind up to come up with more ideas! It was like i needed a break and didn't even now it till i wasn't sewing.. I miss it though today i wanted to go sew but had some running around to do.

 I have been crocheting a little, practicing on some small hearts and flowers they are coming out better and better the more i make..

So I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Clear your nagging thoughts so you can  get back to creating!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cleaning up and decisions?

Today so far i have cleaned house,had to fix some issues i was having on my laptop and you know how that goes it takes hours upon hours to fix internet issues. I am in major thought about the craft show coming up in August?.. I am gunning to do it but I have felt this last month that it is so much to take in so fast with so short of time to be prepared.. I keep thinking that if i had a whole year to plan for this it would be so much better.. I have so much to do still and I am just not positive about it all?

So confused and  I am being pulled in so many directions.

 Back to the subject of  what I did today--I decided to clean today to give myself a break for a day and see how i feel about it in the morning .. I have to make a decision though and I just don't know what the right thing to do is in this situation. UGH!!!!!!!! I hate when this happens. I tell myself" just make a decision and stick with it".. I thought i had made a decision and then things keep popping up one more have to do before the show.  I get all excited and think yes I am really going to do this and then reality hits and then I think who am i kidding I am so not prepared for this at all..

I wonder if times like this you just go with it and not care, just try and do your best? HMM???

What I really want to do is just start listing all my stuff I have made and see if anyone will buy it! That's what I really want to do!