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Friday, June 13, 2014

Trying something new!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is such a beautiful morning!

I am headed out with my daughter Kayla, we are going to her mother-in-laws, she is going to give me some fabric that she no longer needs or wants! So thrilled about this! I will have to share pics of what she gives me..

Today I have decided to  try out Friday Favorites.. I think it will be fun! I am also playing with the idea of doing a grateful blog post once a week too..  Will see???

The Friday fave will be  one item or maybe more faves of the week that I had, it will range from  make- up, close, food, and  styling products the sky is the limit....

So to Kick it  off I chose three things this week that were my FAVE!

I have been really enjoying this Naked 3 palette  you can get it here  the beautiful pinks and soft browns have been so perfect this week with my outfits.

I use my  Mac Fix Plus  you can get it here every time I apply my make-up. I just spray it all over my face a few times set it with the blow dryer and walla  perfectly set make-up to last you all day!
 ps, after I a spray my face then i apply mascara..

My bear I made yesterday, well he just turned out super cute I think! He is my favorite bear that i have made so far.. He has denim pads on feet and ears. His tummy has cute horseshoes on the fabric.

Hope y'all enjoyed my Friday Faves would love to know what your faves of the week were? Also hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the sun on your faces!

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