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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Make as much as I can.

Lets see today is Tuesday. MY youngest is off with friends camping for three days so it's just hubby an I.. :)  I think I will take full advantage of it and put in as much sewing time as I can. I did make two things yesterday.
Front of pillow

Back Of pillow

Oh i forgot to mention I am going to be selling my stuff come August 30th in a  craft fair or farmers market type thing.   All the new items you see me post on here will be going for that. Etsy will have to wait. Besides I have plenty listed on there and nothing has sold yet. My goal is to make two things a day  five days a week.

Today I want to make a girly puppy and maybe a tall skinny cat that i seen in a magazine called Mollie Makes. My momma brought the magazine with her when she came for a visit, now I am hooked. They have such fun and cute ideas in the magazine.
Inspiration kitty

I better get to sewing I want to make as much as I can before August 30th.

If today goes the way I plan then I should have two items to show tomorrow.. :O)

Find time today to  Laugh till your belly hurts.

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