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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crochet Away I go!

I got so much done yesterday that today I get to crochet till my heart is content! YAY ME!!!!

I finished cleaning the whole house  yesterday, did all the laundry, put two shelves together for my craft room,. and ran a few errands, fixed a yummy turkey burger  with fresh fruit on the side for dinner all in one day okay I can't lie --this morning when I got up I finished off the bathroom heehee but now I'm free to do what ever I want!

Yesterday while i was out getting my youngest a bathing suit I bought a tv dinner tray that I am going to fix up to be my ironing board just for my crafts (seen the idea on pinterest).. I want to put a really fun fabric to be the top cover just not sure what yet? Oh maybe it's a new excuse to go shopping for new fabric YES love that idea!

The before photo..

I will share the after in another blog post once i figure out what  fabric i will use for the top.

Oh I almost forgot to show and tell you what I am working on...
First pattern I did all by myself! :O)

I found this pattern here sandra-cherryheart.blogspot. Loved it so much that I told my momma that when she came i wanted  her to teach me how to crochet so I could make it.. Well that's not the only reason, I just really wanted to learn how to crochet .. There are so many beautiful things out there to make! And i want to make them all heehee!

Well ladybugs I am off to go eat breakfast then start crocheting!

as this blogger put it-- make decisions that are best for YOU!

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