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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Ton Of Love!

I am late posting today for sure! I spent the morning cleaning house.

After I was finished cleaning I  sewed up a sweet little pillow and finished my ironing board that I talked about here.


I lined it with an ironing board pad then added a fun black and white printed fabric and stapled them both on with a staple gun. I decided to take  cut off the legs and put pads on the bottom so it wouldn't scratch my craft table. The reason I cut off the legs is that It just wasn't working for me with legs. No space to store it by my craft table and it was to tall to slide under my craft table.  so the legs had to go. It turned out PERFECT for me Love it! All I have to do is slide it out from under my craft table when i need it and slide it  back underneath  between the wall and craft table leg when I'm finished..

Oh yesterday hubby and I added two extra shelves to an existing shelf I have had for years!!!. It needed more shelves to hold all those fat quarters that my daughters mother- in-law gave me. I showed pics of the fabric here. It now holds so much more fabric and it really does make a great fat quarter shelf.
Before fabric and extra shelves were added.


Until tomorrow  have great evenings!

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