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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Holy Cow Look at What I have!

Hey ladies remember  yesterday when I said I was going to with my daughter to the in-laws to get fabric.. Well she gave me a bunch,  I am so blessed let me tell you!

This is what I kept out of what she gave me. I am giving a box full  to  a lady at my hubbies work who quilts ( pic down bellow..

It was such a nice drive out to her house. Kayla an I  enjoyed the hour drive  chatting away catching up on all sorts of subjects.. When we arrived to her house we chatted for a bit then she took us out to eat at a small Mexican Restaurant not sure of the name but they had good food.. I ordered the grilled burrito it was delicious wish i would have taken a pic of it..  I got to get better at taking my camera out and snapping photos huh! I miss so many opportunities to snap memories....

I think one day it will be a habit to just snap away on photos but if I don't start doing it then it won't become a habit huh.. Note to self  " Dawn take your camera out with you every where you go.."  "OH and use  the darn thing" !

I think today I am going to rearrange my fabric in the craft room because I have to make room for this fabulous new fabric I got!

There is some beautiful colors,prints and textures to play with in all these stacks..

I am so thankful for her generosity!

I wish my momma and sis lived close by we could have so much fun sharing this fabric. Oh the things we could make together.. Distance just sucks ya know!

Well I  am off to find  spots for all this fabric.. Enjoy  your weekend everyone..

 Give Thanks and GIVE!

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