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Monday, June 9, 2014

Here and gone...

My momma is back home in NM, I can't say that the time that she was here went by to fast ! I usually say that but this time was different , I don't know how to explain it???   What I can say  is that it was WAY to short... We took advantage of every single moment though! I enjoyed her visit so much! She is and will always be my best friend!

Not the greatest photo , wish we took more of her and I together while she was here! My youngest took this photo.

While she was here she taught me how to do more that just rows of crochet.. lol that's all I knew how to do.. Rows  and rows of uneven crocheting heehee!  But now I am reading patterns and learning how to keep count and so on... I really love to crochet! I cannot wait till I get better because there are so many things i want to make!
Learning how to read patterns and finding my rhythm, so I worked on making small things..

I have so much house cleaning and catching up on all my blogs I follow. I guess today is catch up day then i will get back to my routine ..

Remember to cherish every moment big or small..

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