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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marriage Blessing

My oldest and her Hubby Celebrated  their One year  Anniversary by having a Marital Blessing Ceremony.
 See when they got married they just went down to the Court House and got Hitched lol.
Us moms and dads were sad by that so My Oldest and Son-in-Law decided to have a Blessing and party after words so we parents and family could celebrate them being married.. LOved that idea!

So now you will be flooded with photo's hope you enjoy ...

Hubby & I..
Hubby & Our Daughters.

My babies and I. ( we look so excited lol)

My momma and her grand kids.
Practicing their Father & Daughter dance.

I took all these pictures before the Ceremony Started. During the Ceremony I wanted to be present in  the moment..

We had such a wonderful time and their Ceremony was just beautiful!

So happy and thankful my momma could attend, it would not have been the same without her..

(the reason why there are no pictures of the in-laws is--- well I got photo happy and my battery life ran out before they arrived.. :(
 But would have loved to have had photo's of them included on here..)

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