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Monday, June 16, 2014

Mess the fabric brought!

I have got to get my butt in the craft room and make something! You know what I did all weekend? All i did was put away fabric and pout! okay just Saturday, Sunday went pretty good...  I'll explain--

Saturday while putting the fabric away I ran out of space on my bookcase  so I had to look around in my shed for storage options.. That was a no go... So then I went to three different Walmarts looking for those cheap bookcases to store my  fabric on, well not one store had any white ones in stock ugh! So I just sat around and pouted the rest of the day..  I hate when my rooms are not organized!!!

Sunday I woke up went straight to the craft room to see what I could do about my room?.. I cannot work or create when the room is so disorganized and it was a mess . It's crazy how bringing in all that new fabric got my room a wreck. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful beyond words for all that wonderful fabric , it's just that Once you move one thing around then you have to move ten more things around and before you know  it-- your room is a mess!!!..

 Okay back to Sunday--- Finally while laying in the middle of my craft room floor trying to figure out how to make it all work,  I just stopped pouting and said "get to work and it will all come together". and it did sorta..

So much fun stuff, so little space. I bet so many of us have that problem in our craft rooms...

 I  painted things  turquoise and off white, got rid of big bulky pieces of furniture that was just to big for the space and moved almost everything around...  (my craft room is  a very narrow room, I need to build up not out.) I still need to move my fabric around but i need to wait till the shelf i painted yesterday dries.

Bookcase # 1 is going to be placed right in the middle of these two, it will hold holiday fabric. The small shelf on the left will hold my fat quarters.

Bookcase #2 will go right in the middle of these two storage drawers. It will be used for yarn and all the goodies you see on the floor..

So I have to say, it looks brighter in my room now and almost everything has a place except for the things that need to go on the bookcases. but i made it look as organized as i could.. Now I think i can go create..

That was my weekend i have to say i am happy for the mess that the new fabric brought in! Hehe  My craft room is a brighter and more open area now.. It will be even better once i get those two bookcases , that way i can organize my fabric better and put the rest of my fabric out.. YAY!

As my sister says in her emails to me "Happy Sewing"

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