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Monday, June 30, 2014

Good News!!!!!!!!!!!

I sold my first item today! Man Oh man does this make me so happy~! I sold one of my camper pillows! Happy dance everyone! My sis  will be so happy for me!!  She sells her stuff on Etsy and ebay if you all want to go check her stuff out here and here. She used to blog but she is way to busy these days to blog.. :(

My plan on Sunday was to make more pigs and cats well------ that did not happen, I ended up going shopping at our local quilt shop because they were having a 25% off everything! I didn't buy  that much fabric because it is not cheap. But  what i did buy is fabulous I think..

 I also went by Walmart to pick up food and guess what they had two bookcases! So i bought them and spent the day putting them together and folding fabric and organizing it all!

So today i was going to make more cats and pigs but I didn't even get that far , had problems with my printer and decided since I sold a camper pillow I would make another one so that is what I did today!

Okay I am off got lots to do before hubby gets home!

Just keep going and don't give up!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cat Fever!

I guess  I have  a case of cat fever because I have been making  lots of cats lately.. I think they kinda look like bottles or bowling pins hehe!

I sure hope people like them as much as i do!

Tomorrow I may work on  pigs I have five more to make . I also want to make three more cats.
We will see what tomorrow brings but as of right now that is what I feel like doing!

Got to go get groceries here in a bit and then figure out what we will eat for dinner tonight?.
 After we eat dinner i guess we will hang out on the couch and watch the free movie channels. It does feel like one of those family nights night!

 Hope you  have a great weekend!

Life is good!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


As you see i made a new pillow today, It is cute BUT i need to take it apart resew the upper  right hand corner it is making the pillow have a swoop right smack in the middle. I wasn't going to show it at first but you know it is part of sewing and this pillow gave me nothing but problems today! I will fix it later but right now i am just frustrated it took up my whole day and now I don't have enough time to make anything else! It isn't that big of a deal i guess I just wanted to make two things today. There is always tomorrow.... :)

Where i got the idea to make the pillow is from Walmart. They have this really cute gift bag with the bunny design  on the front! I thought is was so cute  that I wanted to make it into a pillow. It will make me much happier once i fix it..

Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day!

Be thankful  for the good days  and the not so good days...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pigged out!

I am  burnt out on making piggies for the rest of today! Later this month I will make more, but for now I need a break.really like how they are turning out and they are pretty fun to make.. I think i want 5 more..

I need to clean up  my craft room and figure out what i will be making for us to eat this evening. Tomorrow I am doing a little shopping in the morning but after that I hope to get some sewing squeezed in..  But if not then I will push Thursday and get as much as can made..

Have a good one!

Work hard and it will pay off in the end!

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Ton Of Love!

I am late posting today for sure! I spent the morning cleaning house.

After I was finished cleaning I  sewed up a sweet little pillow and finished my ironing board that I talked about here.


I lined it with an ironing board pad then added a fun black and white printed fabric and stapled them both on with a staple gun. I decided to take  cut off the legs and put pads on the bottom so it wouldn't scratch my craft table. The reason I cut off the legs is that It just wasn't working for me with legs. No space to store it by my craft table and it was to tall to slide under my craft table.  so the legs had to go. It turned out PERFECT for me Love it! All I have to do is slide it out from under my craft table when i need it and slide it  back underneath  between the wall and craft table leg when I'm finished..

Oh yesterday hubby and I added two extra shelves to an existing shelf I have had for years!!!. It needed more shelves to hold all those fat quarters that my daughters mother- in-law gave me. I showed pics of the fabric here. It now holds so much more fabric and it really does make a great fat quarter shelf.
Before fabric and extra shelves were added.


Until tomorrow  have great evenings!

Follow your heart....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, It's my second Friday Favorites !

Today I have two favorites for this week.. The first is one of my Crazy Kitties that I make.. I just love how creative I can get on these kitties! This one has so many fun and awesome colors to play with.. I just love making these ... If no one buys them well---- i will just have a whole mess of Crazy Kitties in my craft room heehee!
I Heart him!

My second favorite are these YUMMY  Jalapeno Jack Turkey Burgers. We usually buy the plain or the seasoned Turkey Burgers but seen these and thought we would try them, so glad we did! The are thicker, juicer  and have way more flavor and you know they aren't a bit hot well to me anyways and I'm not a hot spicy kind of gal either..


That's my pick for the week..

Today I am feeling like i have NO creative juices flowing at all.. (Sad face!) So I will take a day of rest and get back at it tomorrow!

May the creative juices flow !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

~Momma Owl~

I running off of little sleep this morning... Just one of those nights where you can't fall asleep and then when you finally do, it is a the type of sleep that  your in  and out all night. But hey that's okay I will survive. Once i get going i will be okay.

I finished my owl but I didn't have time to start on a pillow, drawing up a pattern for what kind of owl I was wanting  took a while . She turned out just as I had hoped she would.. I always get nervous when I create a new pattern, I think oh is this going to look at all like my pattern.? So relieved when they do..

I hope to knock out many pillows today. You know I am still thinking about crazy kitty, I am thinking that well for one I want one for my craft room and  second  I think the cheeks need to come in a few inches on the sides?. So I may make another kitty today.? We shall see.

Here is my momma owl I made.

I think they came out so adorable! I need to order more wool felt, I would like to make a few more of these but I don't have enough  coordinating colors .

Keep your focus on the task at hand.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crazy Kitty

I got my Crazy Kitty all finished. It was the one I mentioned in yesterdays post, see a picture of it here. Mine is similar to the one in the magazine but I did try and make it my own. I have so many more Ideas on how to change it even more! can't wait to try out my new ideas on the kitty..

I think it is such a crazy,funky and fun cat! Just love it for some reason lol! I am going to make me one to put in my craft room!

Besides the kitty I also made my girly puppy too! So cute she is!

 I am going to work on an owl pattern today. If it goes smoothly I will have it done plus a pillow of some kind??

Grow from love..
  ( lol don't judge it was the first thing that popped in my head!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Make as much as I can.

Lets see today is Tuesday. MY youngest is off with friends camping for three days so it's just hubby an I.. :)  I think I will take full advantage of it and put in as much sewing time as I can. I did make two things yesterday.
Front of pillow

Back Of pillow

Oh i forgot to mention I am going to be selling my stuff come August 30th in a  craft fair or farmers market type thing.   All the new items you see me post on here will be going for that. Etsy will have to wait. Besides I have plenty listed on there and nothing has sold yet. My goal is to make two things a day  five days a week.

Today I want to make a girly puppy and maybe a tall skinny cat that i seen in a magazine called Mollie Makes. My momma brought the magazine with her when she came for a visit, now I am hooked. They have such fun and cute ideas in the magazine.
Inspiration kitty

I better get to sewing I want to make as much as I can before August 30th.

If today goes the way I plan then I should have two items to show tomorrow.. :O)

Find time today to  Laugh till your belly hurts.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mess the fabric brought!

I have got to get my butt in the craft room and make something! You know what I did all weekend? All i did was put away fabric and pout! okay just Saturday, Sunday went pretty good...  I'll explain--

Saturday while putting the fabric away I ran out of space on my bookcase  so I had to look around in my shed for storage options.. That was a no go... So then I went to three different Walmarts looking for those cheap bookcases to store my  fabric on, well not one store had any white ones in stock ugh! So I just sat around and pouted the rest of the day..  I hate when my rooms are not organized!!!

Sunday I woke up went straight to the craft room to see what I could do about my room?.. I cannot work or create when the room is so disorganized and it was a mess . It's crazy how bringing in all that new fabric got my room a wreck. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful beyond words for all that wonderful fabric , it's just that Once you move one thing around then you have to move ten more things around and before you know  it-- your room is a mess!!!..

 Okay back to Sunday--- Finally while laying in the middle of my craft room floor trying to figure out how to make it all work,  I just stopped pouting and said "get to work and it will all come together". and it did sorta..

So much fun stuff, so little space. I bet so many of us have that problem in our craft rooms...

 I  painted things  turquoise and off white, got rid of big bulky pieces of furniture that was just to big for the space and moved almost everything around...  (my craft room is  a very narrow room, I need to build up not out.) I still need to move my fabric around but i need to wait till the shelf i painted yesterday dries.

Bookcase # 1 is going to be placed right in the middle of these two, it will hold holiday fabric. The small shelf on the left will hold my fat quarters.

Bookcase #2 will go right in the middle of these two storage drawers. It will be used for yarn and all the goodies you see on the floor..

So I have to say, it looks brighter in my room now and almost everything has a place except for the things that need to go on the bookcases. but i made it look as organized as i could.. Now I think i can go create..

That was my weekend i have to say i am happy for the mess that the new fabric brought in! Hehe  My craft room is a brighter and more open area now.. It will be even better once i get those two bookcases , that way i can organize my fabric better and put the rest of my fabric out.. YAY!

As my sister says in her emails to me "Happy Sewing"

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Holy Cow Look at What I have!

Hey ladies remember  yesterday when I said I was going to with my daughter to the in-laws to get fabric.. Well she gave me a bunch,  I am so blessed let me tell you!

This is what I kept out of what she gave me. I am giving a box full  to  a lady at my hubbies work who quilts ( pic down bellow..

It was such a nice drive out to her house. Kayla an I  enjoyed the hour drive  chatting away catching up on all sorts of subjects.. When we arrived to her house we chatted for a bit then she took us out to eat at a small Mexican Restaurant not sure of the name but they had good food.. I ordered the grilled burrito it was delicious wish i would have taken a pic of it..  I got to get better at taking my camera out and snapping photos huh! I miss so many opportunities to snap memories....

I think one day it will be a habit to just snap away on photos but if I don't start doing it then it won't become a habit huh.. Note to self  " Dawn take your camera out with you every where you go.."  "OH and use  the darn thing" !

I think today I am going to rearrange my fabric in the craft room because I have to make room for this fabulous new fabric I got!

There is some beautiful colors,prints and textures to play with in all these stacks..

I am so thankful for her generosity!

I wish my momma and sis lived close by we could have so much fun sharing this fabric. Oh the things we could make together.. Distance just sucks ya know!

Well I  am off to find  spots for all this fabric.. Enjoy  your weekend everyone..

 Give Thanks and GIVE!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Trying something new!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is such a beautiful morning!

I am headed out with my daughter Kayla, we are going to her mother-in-laws, she is going to give me some fabric that she no longer needs or wants! So thrilled about this! I will have to share pics of what she gives me..

Today I have decided to  try out Friday Favorites.. I think it will be fun! I am also playing with the idea of doing a grateful blog post once a week too..  Will see???

The Friday fave will be  one item or maybe more faves of the week that I had, it will range from  make- up, close, food, and  styling products the sky is the limit....

So to Kick it  off I chose three things this week that were my FAVE!

I have been really enjoying this Naked 3 palette  you can get it here  the beautiful pinks and soft browns have been so perfect this week with my outfits.

I use my  Mac Fix Plus  you can get it here every time I apply my make-up. I just spray it all over my face a few times set it with the blow dryer and walla  perfectly set make-up to last you all day!
 ps, after I a spray my face then i apply mascara..

My bear I made yesterday, well he just turned out super cute I think! He is my favorite bear that i have made so far.. He has denim pads on feet and ears. His tummy has cute horseshoes on the fabric.

Hope y'all enjoyed my Friday Faves would love to know what your faves of the week were? Also hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the sun on your faces!