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Thursday, June 19, 2014

~Momma Owl~

I running off of little sleep this morning... Just one of those nights where you can't fall asleep and then when you finally do, it is a the type of sleep that  your in  and out all night. But hey that's okay I will survive. Once i get going i will be okay.

I finished my owl but I didn't have time to start on a pillow, drawing up a pattern for what kind of owl I was wanting  took a while . She turned out just as I had hoped she would.. I always get nervous when I create a new pattern, I think oh is this going to look at all like my pattern.? So relieved when they do..

I hope to knock out many pillows today. You know I am still thinking about crazy kitty, I am thinking that well for one I want one for my craft room and  second  I think the cheeks need to come in a few inches on the sides?. So I may make another kitty today.? We shall see.

Here is my momma owl I made.

I think they came out so adorable! I need to order more wool felt, I would like to make a few more of these but I don't have enough  coordinating colors .

Keep your focus on the task at hand.

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