Lucky You!
You've Just Been Slugged By The Craftin Bug..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Owl Always Love you!

Good morning everyone! Hope your morning is a good one so far!

I am making up some pillows to sit out for baby and or toddler rooms. I am really loving how they are turning out. So, so cute!  And you know I could make tons of pillows they are so much fun to make! And hey who doesn't  love a pillow! I don't have work tomorrow so I am going to take full advantage of it and craft away! :O)


My mom comes to visit in about one month ! So freaking excited about that! Oh the stuff we are going to make! She crochets and I want her to teach me some stitches that i just can't seem to get..  I really want to make some crochet patterns that I have come across but need my Momma's help..

Okay everyone have a wonderful day! Off to sewing I go!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Yes it worked!
 My Chubby Bunny pattern worked! My  Bunny came out so cute, well at least i think so hehee!!
I am so happy that all my hard work and patience  paid  off!
 Here she is---

 Yesterdays weather turned out to be beautiful! We got some of that much needed rain I mentioned in yesterdays post with NO severe weather! :O)
Today i think I'm going to come up with a few new patterns. I want to make a dog and a few different pillows. That will be my day!
Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful day!

Wishing all  of us luck in our sewing adventures today!

Monday, April 21, 2014

I think I got it!

  I drew out a bunny pattern over the weekend  you know the one i have been struggling with, well I think it is finally the one I will create from. Yay !!  I guess you will know if  it comes out good because i will do a blog post on it.. Wish me lots of sewing luck today!

The weather is suppose to turn bad this afternoon. But maybe it will just be some much needed rain and hold off on the severe stuff! Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone!

Off to sewing  I go..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Busy as ever.

This week I have been so busy trying to get a bunch of  my craft projects finished. I made a few new animals and finished my doll..  Go me! I think they are really turning out so cute! I cannot wait to get my Etsy shop open. I have SO much more to make but my goal is to open in May. I think i mentioned that in an earlier post, but that's okay it is a good reminder to myself to keep pushing forward.

 I know they are not the best of pictures, I promise I will get better at taking pics..

This weekend is Easter WHAT?? how did that happen? Today I just barley went out and bought oompa loompa's Easter goodies.. I bought her a really nice bag that she has been wanting, I think I am going to use the bag as her basket this year! Yes I think I will.. Oh goodness I didn't get anything to make for Easter! (Screech!) I guess I will be running to the store soon ..

I have come across many blogs that have linky parties. Well today I found this one blog that grabbed my attention and it might have just pulled me in.. I may link up? Well Maybe? I have to figure the whole thing out first never joined a link party before... But it sure looks like a great idea! I need inspiration and God knows I need  motivation..

Have a great night.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Formal

Last night at my daughters school that she attends they had spring formal.  I have to say she  looked so beautiful! :O) She said she had such a good time..  Man they grow up so fast don't they!?

Today  I'm going to do laundry, go grocery shopping and maybe a little crafting .. I have a few new ideas that I want to give a try and see if they come out...

We are suppose to have nasty weather tomorrow. Oh how I dread spring weather in Texas. Hopefully it doesn't hail to large or produce any tornadoes..

Well everyone have a great weekend..

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Man I have been going, going non stop the last few days! I have made three chubby animals  and one doll.. Got to go out today and pick up more fabric.. Sorry I haven't been on in a while but I'm trying to get my projects ready to sell..

Here is a peek at a few of my goodies..
Have a great day everyone..

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Press On!

I sit here today thinking of all the things I want to accomplish in life  NO wait, more like in the next few months!  There are so, so many things! Just focus on the here and now then later will come.

 One thing for sure is when it gets tough or scary I need to press on, don't look back stay focused and push!!!!!! I tend to run when life gets scary and or hard! I think it's that I am afraid of failure.. I know so many of us are, but you see I want to get pass this hurdle in my life and don't just walk away this time. When it gets  to me way down deep in the pit of my stomach I must ---Press forward  ... Why? because this time I will make! I just know I will.. (I will succeed). more on that in my next post...

Today I plan on finishing my doll I've been working on. She is being a pain in my well you know.
The vision in my head just isn't coming out on fabric like i wanted it to.  I see it so different now to get that same vision put. That is my goal for today! So enough blogging I'm off to work on my doll. Here's to wishing for a positive outcome...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just getting started..

 So Today I decided to come and write my first post, and with that being said" Hello everyone"...
My blog is still very much under construction just thought I would give it a go even though it is NO where near finished. YIKES!..

 I have been trying to get my creations made ready to sell on ETSY but i have been so busy trying to draw patterns out,keep house and remember how to do all this blogging stuff .. You see years ago I used to blog and well, just kinda got on to doing other things and quit for a while.. But i am happy to be back into it yeah starting over with no followers is kinda well you know sad( hehee)  but they will come (hope). 

 Oh today good things happened!!! I finally received in the mail  some of the much needed wool felt that i am planning on using to make some of my creations . . Lots of money went out the door  on that stuff. But i had to have it. 

I'm so excited about entering this next chapter in my life..
Don't you just love starting over sometimes you know wiping  that old  slate clean?