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Thursday, June 26, 2014


As you see i made a new pillow today, It is cute BUT i need to take it apart resew the upper  right hand corner it is making the pillow have a swoop right smack in the middle. I wasn't going to show it at first but you know it is part of sewing and this pillow gave me nothing but problems today! I will fix it later but right now i am just frustrated it took up my whole day and now I don't have enough time to make anything else! It isn't that big of a deal i guess I just wanted to make two things today. There is always tomorrow.... :)

Where i got the idea to make the pillow is from Walmart. They have this really cute gift bag with the bunny design  on the front! I thought is was so cute  that I wanted to make it into a pillow. It will make me much happier once i fix it..

Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day!

Be thankful  for the good days  and the not so good days...

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