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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today is the Day!

Oh man I have been running around crazy today!  We pick up my momma from the airport after five today! YAY!!! Super happy about that!

So far I have done some last minute cleaning,laundry, exercised, and some work on my "about me page" on Etsy..
Last evening i cleaned out my car . Oh my daughters haircut came out so stinking cute! It fits her personality perfectly! I will post pic soon--  I tried yesterday to take a few but she deleted all the ones i took.. GIRLS UGH!  She said nope they aren't going to be posted anywhere .. lol so hopefully soon i will  get some taken that she will let me share.. I completely understand though... ;)

Not sure what else i am going to do with myself until we leave to get her??? I just want to stay busy to pass the time so I can give her a big hug!

I'm sure I still have loads of stuff to get done! I just want it done so that way when she is here I can  spend my time with her and not have to worry about house chores...

So I'm outta here for now I'm going to read a few blogs and continue to run around finding stuff to do..

Time is precious!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One More Day!

One more day and my momma will be here! Oh I am so excited I can hardly wait!!!

I just finished making another pillow to add to my etsy shop .. I have a few new ideas for pillows that I think are going to be so fun.

What is on the game plan for today, haircut for myself and for my youngest.  I'm just going in for a trim  this go around, you see in the summer I like to wear my hair in pigtails, it's fast and easy and it keeps me cool.. The fall and winter is when i have layers added . But my daughter she is going to get her haircut in a really cute  sassy style, hope it turns out the way she wants it to.. I may have to just post a pic of her.. :)
 I  Love going to get my haircut it always feels like a mini pampering don't ya think?.  

What else for today,  my car needs some pampering as well, maybe a bath and a  good vacuuming out. We will see if I get that finished today? Maybe I may do it in the morning before we pick up my momma from the airport.:)

You know I really enjoy blogging.. It's become a great outlet for me! It sometimes gets a little lonely at home  while my 14 year old is at school and  my hubby is at work. Blogging everyday or so I try everyday to get a post out, has really helped me in so many ways..
  Also reading   some really fun blogs (oh like this one she makes the cutest things!)  really makes my day well--rather nice!

Just keep swimming!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ETSY Shop is now open!

Boy I love the sound of that! (ETSY Shop Now Open!) GO ME!!!!!! I have been working so hard for two months to get enough stuff  made to list . And the time has come  and i am so thrilled! Now i can just create away!

I just got an email saying that my yellow bird is being featured on ETSY WHAT?? Oh my goodness how cool is that?! I am like so happy now that I will not be able to go to sleep now for sure! I was happy I got my stuff listed and thrilled a new follower likes my camper pillow now this! See no sleep anytime soon!

I got hubby and youngest to help me clean house, that went pretty good only had to say "hey your suppose to be helping not watch t.v." a few times hehe .. When  we were finished with that i spent the rest of the day listing my stuff on ETSY sure glad i did it today! ;)

If all goes as planned tomorrow i will be making another camper pillow!
I was going to get exercising  in today but shoot it took me about 4 hours to take pictures,edit and load them onto etsy. So I know tomorrow when i exercise it's going to kick my butt!

Stay true to yourself!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chitty chat..

A good nice day it was, I  Sat right here at my desk most of the day uploading pictures to edit and just did some goofing off.. My hubby,  he sat and flipped channels all day.. You know what annoys me the most is when your watching something on t.v. with him and during the commercial breaks he turns channels. I HATE that because he is always late to getting back to what we were watching and 9 times out of 10 we miss something important or funny! I still have not broke him of doing that! UGH!!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day (Happy Memorial Day) we are going to have hot dogs, potato salad, cowl slaw and just hang out and be together.. I do need to squeeze a bit of house work in there, so I don't have to do it the rest of the week because remember momma is coming for a visit. YAY!!

I keep thinking about the camper pillow I made and I just love how it turned out, so I am going to make another one! :)  I may start on it Tuesday! Yup that sounds like  a great day to start on it.

We have been getting some really nice rain, it's suppose to rain more tomorrow and into this week too! Gotta love that right!

Blog because you can!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

YaY So happy !

I spent the day yesterday searching for some blogs to follow .. I found so many that I just loved! Happy dance!!!  It only took a month of searching lol... Oh if you remember yesterday in my blog post here I was a grouch and was going to go create something to get my mind off of being a grouch, well that didn't happen but something good did come out of that day, as I mentioned above I found some fun blogs to follow! I know how many times must I repeat myself.. Well I'm just happy that's all! I found some blogs to follow, I found some blogs to follow! lol me singing it's a good thing you all can't hear me heehee! Okay moving on..

What does my Saturday look like? Well I need to do laundry clean some house . Oh have I mentioned My momma comes to visit in 5 days! So excited and happy about that! I have so much planned for what I want to do when she gets here.. Little does she know but she will be spending lots of hours teaching me crochet, I know a little but i need help lol.. I will get it i just feel it in my soul does that makes sense? feel crochet in your soul lol? who knows it's just how i feel..

Always be yourself , who cares what everyone else thinks!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is it a happy Friday?

 Happy Friday! Is it a happy Friday? Not sure yet? I am kind of a  grouch today! Good thing I am home alone today! Or the wrath of Dawn would be out in full force with all kinds of %$#*.. So I guess you are the lucky ones today to hear  read my %$#*....

First off I haven't been able to sleep in days and when i am sleeping i am dreaming about stupid shit! (sorry for the cuss word). I wake up grouchy and I don't want to be grouchy, I have so much I want to do ! I love waking up happy and ready to get my day going.. But over the last few weeks that hasn't been happening.." Stop having stupid dreams and get a peaceful nights rest Dawn!! Okay look at yourself for a minute " (yes talking to myself here)..  "You have so much to be happy and grateful for just ignore the dreams and try and hop out of bed with a smile on your face regardless of the night you just had".. It's hard to motivate yourself and want to get crafty when you are GROUCHY! UGH!!!!!!!!! I want to be like this tiger here. Strong and ready to pounce..

But I feel more like this..

 okay a little dramatic I know lol...

Boy  I got a little silly just then huh?! Okay back to the grouchy subject-- I feel better when I create things I know that, so I guess in the mornings when I am laying there feeling grouchy,  I should smile and think Hey I get to make something fun today ! And just get up and do it..  Because when I am creating something it takes all that grouchiness away and I forget all about being grouchy. Hey I think i just worked my problem out..??? LOL

Sometimes venting is all you need and then you feel..(a bit of silliness coming on)
Smile and find what makes you happy! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Come Away With Me!

I have been wanting to make a pillow with a vintage camper on it for weeks. So Yesterday was the day I got started on it.

I was so excited on how my pillow was turning out, that I knew  as soon as I got up the next morning and seen Hubby and Youngest off, I  would get right on it!  And that is what I did! Here it is in the middle of the afternoon an I got my Fabulous pillow finished with enough time to start on a new project before I have to be a full time mom again. Love when that happens! Don't you?!

Not sure what I am going to make next? HMM Maybe a pillow with a house or barn on it? Or another animal  pillow..? I know what I need to do before anything else is, EAT!!!  I AM STARVING lol!

Love what you do and do what you love!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WoW A lot has Changed!

Years ago I used to follow blogs and blog a bit myself. I look back and think wow a lot sure has changed!  Bloggers now do Blog Hops, Linky Parties and  Blog meet ups the list goes on. I'm sure there are things out there going on in the blog world that I haven't even came across yet!? It's kind of intimidating to me really.. I wonder if you have to do all these things now for people to even take notice of you..? So much competition now!  Don't get me wrong I think Blog Hops and Linky Parties are a GREAT  way to get yourself out there and meet others but I just wander if that is what you have to do now to get yourself out there???.. I feel so small I really do lol.. If you sit for a minute and think about all that is going on in social media, WoW it just blows my mind.. So I will join Linky Parties and maybe do a few Blog Hops and see where that takes me.. It can't hurt anything and besides they probably are a lot of fun and I want to meet others that have the same interests as myself!  !  So off I go to find some blogging friends! Wish me luck.

 We  are all so small compared to...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Like Page.

Yesterday  I managed to get my Like page up and running on Facebook! Go me! :O) Today I am  going to be adding pictures  and some posts on all my social media sites. I did have a really nice day yesterday! The only negative thing I can think of and it is a tiny one, well more of pain than anything was when I went to walmart to buy a few groceries.. While in Walmart I decided to check out their remnant pile, I found one that i thought was cute it was  marked .88 cents so I bought that one. Oh but it did not ring up .88 cents It range up $16.96. I had to go to the return items counter to get it corrected. Long story short it took them 30 min. with three different helpers to refund me the difference lol.. I wasn't mad or anything about it I just wanted to get on with my day.. Told the gal well at-least you learned something new and she agreed.. On with my day I went. See told you it was a tiny one.

Try and learn something new everyday!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hard at work..

Okay no pix today but i do have to say that I have been so busy with trying to get all my online stuff taken care of..  . I have to still make a Facebook fan page. Get my lazy butt to take Instagram pix more and pin more and, and the list goes on. I have so very much more that needs to be done with the social world .. But I will see it through ... I hope to have it all set up by the end of the week..  I came across a You Tube video yesterday she gave the best tips about Etsy and packaging.. Then I found she has a blog! YAY me so now I am a follower, I am pretty sure I will learn lots  from her... Heck I already have! So thank  you  Holly if you ever come by my blog I thank you for your help..

Dream Big and Think Big!!

Friday, May 16, 2014


I've been so busy running around trying to stock up on fabric while it's been on sale. I'm going to enjoy having a stock of my own to shop from. With that being said I still need to buy more cotton prints. I do have enough flannel right now to last a while.. . I just got to stay focused when it comes to looking at flannel  .. Man they have such cute flannel prints out! Can we say addicted  heehee! So so much more I would love to have!
 Lets just see if I can sell things first, but If i don't do so well in that, i will just sell the fabric i bought i suppose!

Yesterday I spent the day cutting out patterns for future pillows, that took up my whole day. Today I need to run to the bank and the dollar store to pick up zip lock bags. Then back home to make a few pillows or animals not sure which one yet i feel like tackling..

I just got an email for 15% off your total purchase from Hancock Fabrics, Oh so tempting :)...

Well guess I won't get anything finished if i sit here and play on the ole laptop huh!

Always finish things you start..

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Do you ever come up with exciting Ideas that you just want to stop whatever you are doing at that moment and start creating ? Well I do! The thing is though that you think or hope you may have come up with something that is original that no one else has thought of... BUT then you google it and find out that your GREAT or so you thought idea has already been thought of and put into action. Does that stop you from making it? Or does it make you want to make yours better? To be honest I would say "what the heck man, I just want to make something NO one else has". And then i wouldn't make it for days. Seeing something similar to what I wanted to make kinda crushed my wanting to do it and took away all that excitement and drive..  Should that stop you from being creative and going ahead with what you wanted to put out in the world for someone to enjoy in there home? NO it shouldn't besides mine will be different we are all different one person might like the others creation better over mine or vise-verse.. Oh and you know who really has an original idea? Who has thought of something that no one else has? I mean think how long we have been in this world I'm sure someone at sometime had the same idea or dang near close to what you came up with.. So I need to get off of that kind of boohoo me thinking and make whatever I want! Then and only then google it for price comparison..

If you don't create the things that make you happy then you will never feel and know the joys of  creating !

Monday, May 12, 2014

Some things.

I am going to work on a few new patterns that came to me a few nights ago while laying in bed  trying to fall asleep. I think they are going to be pretty cool pillows??

I had a fabulous Mothers Day a quiet day but most wonderful! We ate Chinese and watched movies all day! Loved it!  Hubby and youngest got me an OH so CUTE owl cookie jar and the day before our oldest treated me to  a nice lunch!..

I should get outside this week and feed my rose bushes they don't look so good this year :(. Nor does my pomegranate tree. I have had some pretty nasty allergies this year so i have been trying to stay inside.. But will make sure to get outside this week to do some much needed gardening..

I was on my way to work on Saturday and seen that Hancock fabrics was having a blowout sale. Sure hope it is still going on I might stop in today to see.. I do know they are closing their business down . I don't go there to much but they do have different fabric than Joanns and Hobby Lobby .. Sad to see them close .. They do have another one about an hour drive from here but don't think i will go.. I'll just shop online i guess..

Never stop doing what your passionate about..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lets not!

Hello everyone, well lets not discuss where i have been for all these weeks. In a funk that's where. I haven't done a darn thing really.. 
Well beside the normal everyday things living,breathing,eating,bathing and taking care of child &hubby.. I think i need to get back to creating yes I think I will, Why? it makes me happy and i love being happy! It gave me a purpose to keep on  going when things get quite. Once Hubby and child are off to get there day going i feel at a loss sometimes like-- well what do i do today? When I was getting up everyday and creating man oh man did it feel good! I was so happy to show them the work i did when they would come home! I had so much to be proud of! You know like" Look mommy look what I made today" !lol that instant feel good  proud of yourself feeling! So with that being said out in the open,, NO MORE doing nothing really much to talk about kind of days for me HA!...

Be good everyone and always take time to make yourself proud even if it is something so small..