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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cleaning up and decisions?

Today so far i have cleaned house,had to fix some issues i was having on my laptop and you know how that goes it takes hours upon hours to fix internet issues. I am in major thought about the craft show coming up in August?.. I am gunning to do it but I have felt this last month that it is so much to take in so fast with so short of time to be prepared.. I keep thinking that if i had a whole year to plan for this it would be so much better.. I have so much to do still and I am just not positive about it all?

So confused and  I am being pulled in so many directions.

 Back to the subject of  what I did today--I decided to clean today to give myself a break for a day and see how i feel about it in the morning .. I have to make a decision though and I just don't know what the right thing to do is in this situation. UGH!!!!!!!! I hate when this happens. I tell myself" just make a decision and stick with it".. I thought i had made a decision and then things keep popping up one more have to do before the show.  I get all excited and think yes I am really going to do this and then reality hits and then I think who am i kidding I am so not prepared for this at all..

I wonder if times like this you just go with it and not care, just try and do your best? HMM???

What I really want to do is just start listing all my stuff I have made and see if anyone will buy it! That's what I really want to do!

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