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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, It's my second Friday Favorites !

Today I have two favorites for this week.. The first is one of my Crazy Kitties that I make.. I just love how creative I can get on these kitties! This one has so many fun and awesome colors to play with.. I just love making these ... If no one buys them well---- i will just have a whole mess of Crazy Kitties in my craft room heehee!
I Heart him!

My second favorite are these YUMMY  Jalapeno Jack Turkey Burgers. We usually buy the plain or the seasoned Turkey Burgers but seen these and thought we would try them, so glad we did! The are thicker, juicer  and have way more flavor and you know they aren't a bit hot well to me anyways and I'm not a hot spicy kind of gal either..


That's my pick for the week..

Today I am feeling like i have NO creative juices flowing at all.. (Sad face!) So I will take a day of rest and get back at it tomorrow!

May the creative juices flow !!!!!!!!!!!!

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