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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today is the Day!

Oh man I have been running around crazy today!  We pick up my momma from the airport after five today! YAY!!! Super happy about that!

So far I have done some last minute cleaning,laundry, exercised, and some work on my "about me page" on Etsy..
Last evening i cleaned out my car . Oh my daughters haircut came out so stinking cute! It fits her personality perfectly! I will post pic soon--  I tried yesterday to take a few but she deleted all the ones i took.. GIRLS UGH!  She said nope they aren't going to be posted anywhere .. lol so hopefully soon i will  get some taken that she will let me share.. I completely understand though... ;)

Not sure what else i am going to do with myself until we leave to get her??? I just want to stay busy to pass the time so I can give her a big hug!

I'm sure I still have loads of stuff to get done! I just want it done so that way when she is here I can  spend my time with her and not have to worry about house chores...

So I'm outta here for now I'm going to read a few blogs and continue to run around finding stuff to do..

Time is precious!

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