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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Do you ever come up with exciting Ideas that you just want to stop whatever you are doing at that moment and start creating ? Well I do! The thing is though that you think or hope you may have come up with something that is original that no one else has thought of... BUT then you google it and find out that your GREAT or so you thought idea has already been thought of and put into action. Does that stop you from making it? Or does it make you want to make yours better? To be honest I would say "what the heck man, I just want to make something NO one else has". And then i wouldn't make it for days. Seeing something similar to what I wanted to make kinda crushed my wanting to do it and took away all that excitement and drive..  Should that stop you from being creative and going ahead with what you wanted to put out in the world for someone to enjoy in there home? NO it shouldn't besides mine will be different we are all different one person might like the others creation better over mine or vise-verse.. Oh and you know who really has an original idea? Who has thought of something that no one else has? I mean think how long we have been in this world I'm sure someone at sometime had the same idea or dang near close to what you came up with.. So I need to get off of that kind of boohoo me thinking and make whatever I want! Then and only then google it for price comparison..

If you don't create the things that make you happy then you will never feel and know the joys of  creating !

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