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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Like Page.

Yesterday  I managed to get my Like page up and running on Facebook! Go me! :O) Today I am  going to be adding pictures  and some posts on all my social media sites. I did have a really nice day yesterday! The only negative thing I can think of and it is a tiny one, well more of pain than anything was when I went to walmart to buy a few groceries.. While in Walmart I decided to check out their remnant pile, I found one that i thought was cute it was  marked .88 cents so I bought that one. Oh but it did not ring up .88 cents It range up $16.96. I had to go to the return items counter to get it corrected. Long story short it took them 30 min. with three different helpers to refund me the difference lol.. I wasn't mad or anything about it I just wanted to get on with my day.. Told the gal well at-least you learned something new and she agreed.. On with my day I went. See told you it was a tiny one.

Try and learn something new everyday!

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