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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WoW A lot has Changed!

Years ago I used to follow blogs and blog a bit myself. I look back and think wow a lot sure has changed!  Bloggers now do Blog Hops, Linky Parties and  Blog meet ups the list goes on. I'm sure there are things out there going on in the blog world that I haven't even came across yet!? It's kind of intimidating to me really.. I wonder if you have to do all these things now for people to even take notice of you..? So much competition now!  Don't get me wrong I think Blog Hops and Linky Parties are a GREAT  way to get yourself out there and meet others but I just wander if that is what you have to do now to get yourself out there???.. I feel so small I really do lol.. If you sit for a minute and think about all that is going on in social media, WoW it just blows my mind.. So I will join Linky Parties and maybe do a few Blog Hops and see where that takes me.. It can't hurt anything and besides they probably are a lot of fun and I want to meet others that have the same interests as myself!  !  So off I go to find some blogging friends! Wish me luck.

 We  are all so small compared to...


Donna Baker said...

yes I totally get this. I used to have a specific 'stamping' blog because I did design work for online stamp companies. but then my love for stamping turned to sewing (aka I got burned out) so then a few years later I find myself re-inventing my blog (I had over 800 followers on my previous blog) and now the only person who posted on my NEW blog (before this weekend's link parties) was my husband! but I am participating in linky parties again. I need to remember I am doing this for me and the few who will be inspired. I don't want it to get back to the stress of how many followers, am I popular enough? life is too short for that!

Dawn Buie said...

I am so with you on everything you said! I too am blogging this time around more for myself, to keep me motivated and to follow through with things.. But it sure is nice to have others help with that motivation.:)
Thank you again.