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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One More Day!

One more day and my momma will be here! Oh I am so excited I can hardly wait!!!

I just finished making another pillow to add to my etsy shop .. I have a few new ideas for pillows that I think are going to be so fun.

What is on the game plan for today, haircut for myself and for my youngest.  I'm just going in for a trim  this go around, you see in the summer I like to wear my hair in pigtails, it's fast and easy and it keeps me cool.. The fall and winter is when i have layers added . But my daughter she is going to get her haircut in a really cute  sassy style, hope it turns out the way she wants it to.. I may have to just post a pic of her.. :)
 I  Love going to get my haircut it always feels like a mini pampering don't ya think?.  

What else for today,  my car needs some pampering as well, maybe a bath and a  good vacuuming out. We will see if I get that finished today? Maybe I may do it in the morning before we pick up my momma from the airport.:)

You know I really enjoy blogging.. It's become a great outlet for me! It sometimes gets a little lonely at home  while my 14 year old is at school and  my hubby is at work. Blogging everyday or so I try everyday to get a post out, has really helped me in so many ways..
  Also reading   some really fun blogs (oh like this one she makes the cutest things!)  really makes my day well--rather nice!

Just keep swimming!

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