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Monday, May 12, 2014

Some things.

I am going to work on a few new patterns that came to me a few nights ago while laying in bed  trying to fall asleep. I think they are going to be pretty cool pillows??

I had a fabulous Mothers Day a quiet day but most wonderful! We ate Chinese and watched movies all day! Loved it!  Hubby and youngest got me an OH so CUTE owl cookie jar and the day before our oldest treated me to  a nice lunch!..

I should get outside this week and feed my rose bushes they don't look so good this year :(. Nor does my pomegranate tree. I have had some pretty nasty allergies this year so i have been trying to stay inside.. But will make sure to get outside this week to do some much needed gardening..

I was on my way to work on Saturday and seen that Hancock fabrics was having a blowout sale. Sure hope it is still going on I might stop in today to see.. I do know they are closing their business down . I don't go there to much but they do have different fabric than Joanns and Hobby Lobby .. Sad to see them close .. They do have another one about an hour drive from here but don't think i will go.. I'll just shop online i guess..

Never stop doing what your passionate about..

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