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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lets not!

Hello everyone, well lets not discuss where i have been for all these weeks. In a funk that's where. I haven't done a darn thing really.. 
Well beside the normal everyday things living,breathing,eating,bathing and taking care of child &hubby.. I think i need to get back to creating yes I think I will, Why? it makes me happy and i love being happy! It gave me a purpose to keep on  going when things get quite. Once Hubby and child are off to get there day going i feel at a loss sometimes like-- well what do i do today? When I was getting up everyday and creating man oh man did it feel good! I was so happy to show them the work i did when they would come home! I had so much to be proud of! You know like" Look mommy look what I made today" !lol that instant feel good  proud of yourself feeling! So with that being said out in the open,, NO MORE doing nothing really much to talk about kind of days for me HA!...

Be good everyone and always take time to make yourself proud even if it is something so small..

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