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Friday, May 23, 2014

Is it a happy Friday?

 Happy Friday! Is it a happy Friday? Not sure yet? I am kind of a  grouch today! Good thing I am home alone today! Or the wrath of Dawn would be out in full force with all kinds of %$#*.. So I guess you are the lucky ones today to hear  read my %$#*....

First off I haven't been able to sleep in days and when i am sleeping i am dreaming about stupid shit! (sorry for the cuss word). I wake up grouchy and I don't want to be grouchy, I have so much I want to do ! I love waking up happy and ready to get my day going.. But over the last few weeks that hasn't been happening.." Stop having stupid dreams and get a peaceful nights rest Dawn!! Okay look at yourself for a minute " (yes talking to myself here)..  "You have so much to be happy and grateful for just ignore the dreams and try and hop out of bed with a smile on your face regardless of the night you just had".. It's hard to motivate yourself and want to get crafty when you are GROUCHY! UGH!!!!!!!!! I want to be like this tiger here. Strong and ready to pounce..

But I feel more like this..

 okay a little dramatic I know lol...

Boy  I got a little silly just then huh?! Okay back to the grouchy subject-- I feel better when I create things I know that, so I guess in the mornings when I am laying there feeling grouchy,  I should smile and think Hey I get to make something fun today ! And just get up and do it..  Because when I am creating something it takes all that grouchiness away and I forget all about being grouchy. Hey I think i just worked my problem out..??? LOL

Sometimes venting is all you need and then you feel..(a bit of silliness coming on)
Smile and find what makes you happy! 

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