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Saturday, May 24, 2014

YaY So happy !

I spent the day yesterday searching for some blogs to follow .. I found so many that I just loved! Happy dance!!!  It only took a month of searching lol... Oh if you remember yesterday in my blog post here I was a grouch and was going to go create something to get my mind off of being a grouch, well that didn't happen but something good did come out of that day, as I mentioned above I found some fun blogs to follow! I know how many times must I repeat myself.. Well I'm just happy that's all! I found some blogs to follow, I found some blogs to follow! lol me singing it's a good thing you all can't hear me heehee! Okay moving on..

What does my Saturday look like? Well I need to do laundry clean some house . Oh have I mentioned My momma comes to visit in 5 days! So excited and happy about that! I have so much planned for what I want to do when she gets here.. Little does she know but she will be spending lots of hours teaching me crochet, I know a little but i need help lol.. I will get it i just feel it in my soul does that makes sense? feel crochet in your soul lol? who knows it's just how i feel..

Always be yourself , who cares what everyone else thinks!

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