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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fall / Halloween Potholders

 I finished all my potholders / hot pads! I think i did a pretty good job on them! I'm going to make more of the  candy corn hot pads to see if i can get the candy corns to be just a little sweeter! :O)

Hope people on etsy and ebay like them enough to buy them! I can hope right?..

Now for the rest of my day i think i will look through my Mollie Makes magazines for inspiration.. I think i earned it.. :O)

Tomorrow is my hubby's 49th b-day  Hailey and I  are going to go shopping tomorrow for his dessert and dinner goodies.. I hope to get in my Friday Faves too..

Here is a look at my potholders/hot pads..

Aren't they so much fun..  Not bad for a beginner huh,?  :O)  I'm open to constructive criticism... There is always room for improve..

I am so thankful for so many blessings, how about you?

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