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Monday, July 7, 2014

Practicing my crocheting.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I did! All I did pretty much was crochet on Saturday and a little on Sunday..

Since I was taking a small  rest from sewing I decided to work on my crocheting. I still have a ways to go before i am good enough to make things to sell, but i am working towards that goal.. Besides I am having a fun time crocheting things for practice and filling my home with awesome things I have and will have crocheted.

Over the weekend I made a crochet sampler I call it. I got the pattern from  here.
 I have learned so much from making my crochet sampler, like - it's important that all your squares are the same size and when joining together make sure they are lined up right so your joined stitches come out even on both sides. If that make sense..

I still need practice but i am happy about my first big project i made..all I have made before this was little hearts and flowers, so to me this is big :O)

Hope to make another one and I will make sure all the squares are the same size that way they all line up right when stitched together.

It was good practice making it, now i know areas I can use improvement on..

Today I think i am going to sew something, how about you?

Lots of practice makes things pretty ;o)  Off to practice, practice I go!

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