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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Went as planned!

This  morning i had some time to myself to crochet, I was able to crochet two potholders. :O) YaY ME!  Youngest didn't get up till after 12:00 this afternoon then she grabbed lunch and watched Days Of Our Lives , so while she was doing that i worked on my crocheting. Then she went to a friends for a while and i was able to finish two of them! Today was great!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to make the Jack-O-Lantern potholders. To me crocheting is challenging, it's so much harder for me that sewing is.. But i am going to stick with it because i do love it so!

I hope your Wednesday went as good as mine did.. Talk to you all tomorrow!!!

make sure to brighten someones day..


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