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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello and how is your Monday?

My Monday is moving along very nicely! Hope yours is too! I did go out this weekend like i mentioned on Friday to  pick up some yarn and fabric. Got my fabric just boring solid colors nothing you probably would want to see heehee! The yarn i bought was for Halloween potholders, I made two of them today. The first one was just to practice to see if I could crochet holding two strands of yarn at the same time.  I could so that made me happy i finished it off then moved on to crocheting the candy corn potholder.
 I really love how they both turned out but the candy corn one is so darn sweet ;) ! Heehee..

First is the one i practiced on.

Now to the sweet one:)

I hope I can make these sweet potholders good enough to sell on ebay! I think they would look so cute out for display during the month of  October..

Tomorrow i will work on the Jack-O-lantern potholder. Wish me loads of luck!

Do what you love and love what you do!!!!!!!!!


carla said...

Hi!!!! The candy corn one is too sweet!!!! Would be wonderful for the Halloween and Fall seasons!!!!

Dawn Buie said...

Thank you so much for the compliment Carla!!