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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Press On!

I sit here today thinking of all the things I want to accomplish in life  NO wait, more like in the next few months!  There are so, so many things! Just focus on the here and now then later will come.

 One thing for sure is when it gets tough or scary I need to press on, don't look back stay focused and push!!!!!! I tend to run when life gets scary and or hard! I think it's that I am afraid of failure.. I know so many of us are, but you see I want to get pass this hurdle in my life and don't just walk away this time. When it gets  to me way down deep in the pit of my stomach I must ---Press forward  ... Why? because this time I will make! I just know I will.. (I will succeed). more on that in my next post...

Today I plan on finishing my doll I've been working on. She is being a pain in my well you know.
The vision in my head just isn't coming out on fabric like i wanted it to.  I see it so different now to get that same vision put. That is my goal for today! So enough blogging I'm off to work on my doll. Here's to wishing for a positive outcome...

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