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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just getting started..

 So Today I decided to come and write my first post, and with that being said" Hello everyone"...
My blog is still very much under construction just thought I would give it a go even though it is NO where near finished. YIKES!..

 I have been trying to get my creations made ready to sell on ETSY but i have been so busy trying to draw patterns out,keep house and remember how to do all this blogging stuff .. You see years ago I used to blog and well, just kinda got on to doing other things and quit for a while.. But i am happy to be back into it yeah starting over with no followers is kinda well you know sad( hehee)  but they will come (hope). 

 Oh today good things happened!!! I finally received in the mail  some of the much needed wool felt that i am planning on using to make some of my creations . . Lots of money went out the door  on that stuff. But i had to have it. 

I'm so excited about entering this next chapter in my life..
Don't you just love starting over sometimes you know wiping  that old  slate clean?

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