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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Busy as ever.

This week I have been so busy trying to get a bunch of  my craft projects finished. I made a few new animals and finished my doll..  Go me! I think they are really turning out so cute! I cannot wait to get my Etsy shop open. I have SO much more to make but my goal is to open in May. I think i mentioned that in an earlier post, but that's okay it is a good reminder to myself to keep pushing forward.

 I know they are not the best of pictures, I promise I will get better at taking pics..

This weekend is Easter WHAT?? how did that happen? Today I just barley went out and bought oompa loompa's Easter goodies.. I bought her a really nice bag that she has been wanting, I think I am going to use the bag as her basket this year! Yes I think I will.. Oh goodness I didn't get anything to make for Easter! (Screech!) I guess I will be running to the store soon ..

I have come across many blogs that have linky parties. Well today I found this one blog that grabbed my attention and it might have just pulled me in.. I may link up? Well Maybe? I have to figure the whole thing out first never joined a link party before... But it sure looks like a great idea! I need inspiration and God knows I need  motivation..

Have a great night.

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