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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Polka Dot Craziness!

I've spent the day looking for the right piece of fabric online to use for my new pillow that i am working on.  What I am wanting is yellow with red dots, not to big of dots and not to small of dots not to bright of a yellow either.. The fabric i had in the back of my mind i seen months ago  online is sold out it's by Riley Blake.  :O(  I did find several that are similar to the RB one.   They are from , Etsy and Allegro fabrics , Okay so my issues with these choices are -to big of dots, not the right yellow, or to small of dots and flannel not cotton.. The closes one to the Riley Blake is made out of flannel. I am going to go to our local Quilt shop tomorrow to see if they have anything.. If not i will order the one from Allegro's. and maybe I think it would be best to get both to see them in person. I think buying fabric online sometimes is not always the best idea unless you have seen it in person..

Riley Blake
Etys Flannel

Have a fun and blessed weekend!

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